2004 Feb.
Establishment of SDC.
2004 June
Release of Terrestrial Digital Wave Strength Meter HLSD-400 and Satellite Digital Wave Strength Meter AL-450D
2008 March
Release of Terrestrial/Satellite Digital Wave Strength Meter DSA-100
2010 Jan.
Release of NTT Flets TV Line Meter RF Checker
2010 March
Release of Terrestrial/Satellite Digital Strength Meter DSA-200

Our Vision

Regardless of the downside or upside, every single field of business is experiencing the wave of globalization in recent years.
Our earth, the world seems to becoming smaller and smaller. We used to think our own town or our own country as our community, however, we are about to enter the age of real globalization where we need to consider the whole world as our own community.
Japanese economy has changed. We, Japanese companies need to realize we are not the only ones to provide highly evaluated technology and quality for the world.
We need to bring the whole world into our view and establish a business structure that is competitive enough to achieve stable status in the coming years.